Plane Jane faces backlash after Chappell Roan comments

Plane Jane faces backlash after Chappell Roan comments

Drag Race season 16 finalist Plane Jane received major backlash after making a now-deleted tweet where she made disparaging comments about pop singer Chappell Roan. After being called out for it, Plane Jane made a statement addressing fans after removing the initial tweet.

In a now-deleted post, Plane Jane wrote “Will I get tomatoes thrown at me if I say Chappell Roan’s love for drag feels performative as fuck? No shade queen secure the bag! I’m all for artists platforming and celebrating drag! Just a skeptic being skeptical.”

Drag Race fans were quick to call out Plane Jane for her comments towards Chappell Roan, Plane deleted the tweet. 



In a notes app picture posted to her X account, Plane Jane doubled down on her response and shared some of the disrespect she has received. 

“It’s funny how whenever I seem to step out of line with some of these ‘fans’ they immediately double down on calling me a man. I don’t particularly take offence to that because, hey, drag comes off, but something about it in this context seems disrespectful as shit – particularly because of how hypocritical it is.

“Of course the first people to do so are the same people who correct others when they use ‘he’ pronouns for drag queens, or call drag queens by their government names or even want people to be respectful of how they themselves identify. By all means keep calling me a man, f*g, whatever to fuel your little online arguments. Just know that you don’t fucking know me like that boo, and you’ll never have the pleasure to.”

Later, Plane Jane tweeted out a final comment about singer, tweeting: “I love @chappellroan."

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