Raja calls out airport restaurant that accused her of stealing a wine glass

Raja calls out airport restaurant that accused her of stealing a wine glass

RuPaul's Drag Race star Raja called out Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport's Four Peaks Brewing bar on Monday after a staff member allegedly followed her around the terminal accusing her of taking a wine glass.

The Season 3 winner posted a video rant on Instagram to her mass amount of loyal followers after the alleged incident, saying, "I dont think it's cool to be treated poorly while traveling. Yo, I got a burger and wine for almost $60 including a tip for this a--hole, and this dude followed me to my gate accusing me of stealing a wine glass. What the actual f---?"

Along with her post, the queen shared a screenshot of a Google review of the restaurant where she wrote, "The dude actually went to my gate and humiliated me in front of people asking for a glass! I am on route to L.A. and stopped in this restaurant for food and some wine and instead accosted."

In the review she continued to say how the staff member persisted in his accusations, even approaching her gate and further embarrassing her in front of fellow travelers.

However, a day later the queen posted on her social media accounts saying she deleted her original post after receiving an apology. She seemingly also deleted the google review. 



"Decided to delete my rant post about the Phoenix airport restaurant,” the post read. ”They've apologized and are now aware that perhaps they should check their employees. Have a nice day everyone."

Canada's Drag Race host Brook Lynn Hytes playfully musing, "I’m still not over thinking you stole a wine glass."

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