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Raja clears up details on her alleged All Star's 7 fight with Michelle Visage

Raja is clearing up the rumors about the alleged tense confrontation between herself and Drag Race judge Michelle Visage. 

Hearsay about the onstage incident has run rampant among the RPDR fandom and was further fueled after Trinity The Tuck shared her version of events.

“Michelle came for Raja in episode three,” Trinity explained in a viral TikTok video from a live gig. “Raja looked dead at Michelle and said: ‘Who are you to judge me? You have no credentials other than being the host’s best friend,'” 

“Then we got offstage, backstage in the werk room, the cameras were cut and she told all the producers [about Michelle] ‘She should be fired.'”



Now, Raja is speaking on the rumors. 

On Jonny McGovern on web series Look At Huh, Raja called Trinity’s tale is “highly embellished”, but also admitted some of it does have some truth. 

“It’s partially true. There was a moment where, you know, Michelle and I kind of… we had a conversation. [It was] much longer than a judging should go,” the 49-year-old drag star revealed.

“First of all, let me preface this by saying that Michelle and I are very good friends. In fact, she was a very crucial person when my mother passed away, I texted her. I had just come home from Drag Race [All Stars 7] that fall.

“[Michelle] was one of the first people that I texted because, while [filming All Stars 7], her, Ru, and I during our Tic Tac conversation it got very personal about our relationships with our families and parents in particular.”

Raja explains that their close age made it hard for her to accept the critiques given to her. 

“Michelle and I are probably like a year apart. So to hear any judging from someone who’s like my peer… Also, I did her makeup and styled her for the cover of her first book. So it was no shade, it was just me being like, ‘Oh, come on girl,’ you know? And it caused a ruckus in the room, but mostly laughter, I’d say.”

“Michelle found it funny. So, the conversation of how this actually happened, and the embellishment of it and the exaggeration and inflation of the whole exaggeration, is partially true,” she added.

“The back and forth between us was definitely all in good fun, but I did kind of have a too-much-Red-Bull moment where I got p*ssed off at her. I can be dramatic sometimes.”

View Raja’s entire interview below: 

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