Ranking Raja's top five best runway looks

Ranking Raja's top five best runway looks

Each season of RuPaul’s Drag Race introduces us to queens serving charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. Another important quality to have? A fierce sense of fashion. 

From queens like Shea Coulee and Violet Chachki to Valentina and Gigi Goode, fashion queens know how to slay the competition. 

To celebrate one of the first dubbed “fashion-queens” and Drag Society’s Summer 2022 “Hero Queen,” we are taking a look back at Raja’s top runway looks from Season 3 before she sashays backing into the workroom for All-Stars 7. 



5. 3 Piece Holiday Thrift Store Drag

Earlier seasons of the show saw some unique challenges being thrown at our beloved queens. Holiday Thrift Store was one of them. The queens were sent to a thrift store to collect items to use in their runway look. While on the hunt, Raja put together different items to create a chic three-piece styling. Not only did this show off Raja’s talent in sewing but also her creativity.

What can we say? Raja truly proved that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  

4. Money Ball Dress

In this eye-catching look, Raja made use of her money! Complete in green, blue, yellow and pink bills, Raja’s halter gown is truly priceless. Not only that, she also included coins throughout the dress to give the ensemble a change in textures and mediums. 

3. Carrie Dress

Another true season 3 highlight was Raja’s Carrie look. In an effort to mix camp and fashion, Raja recreated a scene from the horror film Carrie. Right down to the mid-pilled pig’s blood bucket. Raja rightfully gagged the judges in addition to inspiring hundreds of Halloween costume copycats for years to come. 

2. Gold Futurama Ensemble

Raja proved she can fight sci-fi villains and slay at the same time. From head to toe, this seasoned fashion queen is dripping in gold. Her metallic body suit and icy blue lips really give off an intergalactic couture vibe. Completing the look are a glistening headpiece and a set of sharp golden claws. 

1. Marie Antoniette

Inspired by Marie Antoinette, Raja walked down the catwalk sporting a look dubbed one of the best fashion moments on RuPaul's Drag Race. Clad in romantic hues and strings of pearls, Raja truly encompassed the 18th Century iconic. To top the look off was a dramatic powdered wig and gorgeous jewelery pieces. 

Which was your favorite Raja look? Let us know in the comments down below!

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