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RuPaul answers 'Burning Questions' on Ellen


Legendary “Drag Race” host RuPaul made an appearance on the final season of Ellen on Monday where he played a round of ‘Burning Questions.” Not only did we get to see the “Queen of Drag’s” fun side come out but also a sneak peek into his life before Ru’s rise to fame. 

According to Ru, he used to sell dime bags before he was famous, he wants the Olsen twins to portray him in a movie about his life and that the word ‘mexicatessen’ always makes him laugh. 

But there was one answer that completely took Degeneres and DJ tWitch for a surprise. 

“Tell us something naughty you did in the 80s,” asked Ellen. After a nervous laugh or two, RuPaul recounts a night in New York and what his cab driver told him to do to get out of paying for his ride. 


I was working at a club up on 55th street called Red Zone and I finished my shift and was going to a club in the East Village called The World,” he explained.

'[The cab driver] said, "Listen, hey if you put your foot over the front seat, he will give me the fare for free.”

“Ellen, it was a $9 fare, so I just put my front over the front seat, he did what he needed to do, and I got out of the cab without having to pay.”

Ru also revealed that he “would love to have Judge Judy” as a future Drag Race celebrity judge. 

“Yes I just live for that woman and who better to judge drag queens than Judge Judy,” he explained.

When asked about her potentially “harsh” judging style, Ru said she’s harsh but also a fair judge.

“She gives it to you straight. That’s what we need in these troubled times,” he joked.” We need a straight shooter who lets the queens know what’s happening.”

RuPaul’s appearance comes days before the premiere of Drag Race season 14. 

You can watch Ellen and RuPaul’s full segment below:


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