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RuPaul dishes Spider-Man and Drag Race season 14 twists


RuPaul recently spoke to Jimmy Kimmel on his show on Tuesday, sharing his two-cents on a certain web-slinging Marvel superhero and spilling tea on Drag Race Season 14.

During Tuesday’s show, Kimmel talked about the legendary drag host about filling in for him earlier this year, saying that his team loved RuPaul.

They loved his so much in fact, that Kimmel claimed he had to take a couple of them to see “Spider-Man: No Way Home” in an effort to win them back. 

RuPaul joked about the popular Marvel superhero revealing that he just “doesnt get” the appeal of Peter Parker.

“A couple of [your] writers, I asked them, ‘What’s the thing with Spider-Man?’ I get Superman, I get Wonder Woman, I’ve never gotten Spider-Man!”

As Kimmel questioned why, RuPaul responded: “You know, I think because I’m gay. I think that’s probably it.”


He called Superman’s tale “the story of Christ” and “an ascended master.” RuPal also added that the DC Comics character “represents the hidden specialness and uniqueness that each of us has.”

Then when Kimmel tried to explain that Spider-Man's youth “makes kids feel like they can be superheroes too,” RuPaul again joked that the counter-appeal to Superman is that, well, "Clark Kent is hot."

Later in the show, RuPaul gave fans a sneak peek into the newest season of Drag Race, including how “chocolate bars” will play a crucial role to the queens of season 14.

“I brought everyone a candy bar, a RuPaul chocolate bar. It is an integral part of season 14 of Drag Race,” the drag icon said. “We have this sort of this Willy Wonka storyline going on in season14 where the queen…”

That’s when Mama Ru suddenly stopped after realizing he might be giving too much away. 

The chocolate bar idea was first introduced to excited fans in the trailer for the upcoming season. In the official promos, the candy is described it as “a mouth-watering twist” that “could make a queen’s wish come true”.


Perhaps the biggest twist this season is including the show’s first-ever cisgender, heterosexual male in the competition lineup. Many fans are excited to see how the drag queen, Maddy Morphosis, will do throughout the challenges as well as interact with the other queens. 

RuPaul's Drag Race season 14 premieres on Jan. 7 on VH1 and Paramount+.

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