RuPaul throws shade at past 'Drag Race' queens with new song

RuPaul throws shade at past 'Drag Race' queens with new song


All we can say is that the “library is officially open!” Fans think RuPaul’s new song is throwing some shade to some of the queens featured on 'Drag Race.'

The song, titled “Blame It On The Edit,” seemingly features a narrative of a person who is unhappy with how they were portrayed on the show. And the lyrics say a lot. 

"She wanna blame it on the edit, you the one who said it," the lyrics read. "Go'on and take the credit, bitch. You the one who said It, bitch. How you gon' regret it? Blame it on the edit, blame it on the edit."

 The track is featured on Ru's new album MAMARU. It is the performer's 14th studio album.




“All these shows around the world and everywhere we go," the lyrics continue.

 "You'll never meet another bitch as salty as these hoes." In another verse, the lyrics turn slightly pointed.”

"You already know who I am, you know what the f*ck I do," they read. "So why they all in my house, they lyin on my production crew. Baby nice to know if they throw you a bone, you the type comin back with a attitude. I ain't cha enemy, keep that same energy. You da only one tryna sabotage you."

The “edit” reference first started back at the All-Stars 2 reunion when Phi Phi O’Hara refused to appear for the reunion program.

He famously opened an episode by stating “If one of you were to say ‘I blame the edit’ I’d say ‘bullshit.’ Before inviting the other queens to call out any such behavior.”

Now it seems that over the past few years of the show with several contestants including Phi Phi O’Hara and The Vixen have made claims against the show's editing, Rupaul is speaking out about it.

Needless to say, fans and show alum are going crazy over the release.





Regardless if RuPaul is openly calling someone out with this track or not, the song is still  great. Give the song a listen below! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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