Season 15 queen Amethyst comes out as transgender

Season 15 queen Amethyst comes out as transgender

Amethyst of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 penned an emotional post, sharing she identifies as transgender. 

She shared a handwritten note to her followers on social media on Saturday, along with the caption, “1 month” and a trans flag emoji. The note depicts her feelings of “struggling severely” with gender dysphoria. 



“It’s something that I’ve always concealed in the back of my mind, and through the years has slowly crept its way to the front,” she wrote.

“Last year was when things really started to hit me hard and this mental warfare has really just escalated since then. I let it get to a point where it was eating away at me and affecting everything in my life.”

While she says she is doing much better these days, Amethyst went on to say that she has been on hormone replacement therapy for a month. 

“Even in this short amount of time, the comparison to how I felt just a few months ago is night and day,” she said. “It’s a different sense of happiness that is slowly but surely bringing back my self-assurance, and every day it gets easier to look in the mirror.”

While on her season, Amethyst ultimately placed 13th out of 16.  After sending home her sisters Irene “The Alien” Dubois and Princess Poppy in head-to-head lip syncs, she was sent home in a lip sync to Janelle Monae’s “Q.U.E.E.N.” against 6th place queen Salina EsTitties.




Additionally, the freshly out queen also announced that she would be using the name “Amy” while out of drag. “I know it’s somewhat reminiscent of my drag name but true story – she was the first one to call me that,” Amethyst wrote. “The first time she did I had this little lightbulb moment.”

"I feel a lot of pressure to pick the perfect name but in the meantime, this is a comfy placeholder for me," she added in the note.

This post comes just a day after she shared that she would be debuting a new album, Amy, on July 19th.

Amethyst also asked her followers to share and support her GoFundMe page. The funds raised will go toward her facial feminization surgery. So far, donations have reached over $3,800. 

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