This Instagram account turns Republican politicians into drag queens

This Instagram account turns Republican politicians into drag queens

A new Instagram account called @RuPublicans is going viral after posting images of notorious right-wing politicians supporting anti-LGBTQ+ policies, reimagined as fabulous drag queens. 

“Drag isn’t just lip-syncing for our lives, it’s heart, it’s art and, oh honey, it’s protest,” the account’s creator said in a statement.

“To those in power serving up false narratives like an overcooked wig at a drag brunch, listen up: we’re here, we’re queer and we ain’t going anywhere.”

The account churns out the images using AI-generated technology and looks surprisingly fierce. In addition to the beautiful artwork, the Instagram account gives each politician a zesty caption and slogan. 

Among those to have been re-generated are Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (“Rhonda Santy”), Mike Pence (“Mother Pence”) and Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas (“Claretta Corrupta”).




Some followers favorite redesigned drag personas include Ted Cruz as “Cruzella Deville” who’s caption says they serve “homophobic realness, she struts her stuff in fur coats lined with family values and defends every fetus and every gun, every day, heeeennnyyyy.”




Rudy Guiliani was transformed into “Rudy Garland.” “She used to run the Big Apple, but now she’s the juiciest peach on the streets, wandering the Upper East Side looking for her next gig (NOT the Four Seasons, honey). You thought the only thing she could leak was hair dye? Girl, watch her spill the tea!”



 RuPublicans began posting back in March and has since seen nearly 228,000 followers of the page.

The RuPublicans parody account comes at hostile and uncertain time for the LGBTQ+ community and drag artists across the country. A proposed drag ban in Tennesse has begun an domino-effect of anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-trans legislation in multiple states including Texas, Arizona and Florida. 

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