Shannel details what really happened during latest episode critiques

Shannel details what really happened during latest episode critiques

Shannel spilled some secret tea on the Drag Race All-Stars 9 set. According to the season 9 contestant, fans missed out on a nearly 30-minute lesson from Mama Ru herself. 

The latest episode saw the remaining queens recreate an iconic scene from a campy movie opposite the one and only RuPaul. While undergoing critiques, RuPaul told Shannel was the first to ever walk into the Werk Room that she didn’t “connect” with her during the episode’s challenge.

In the end, RuPaul asked Shannel if she understood what she was trying to tell her and Shannel just responded with a direct “Meh” to Ru’s face.

Shannel admitted that she felt down on herself, telling Ru: “I was on this show so many years ago, there comes a time where you start to feel like, ‘Maybe I just can’t keep up with everybody.'”

What fans didn't know is that Ru’s lesson went on much longer than what was aired to viewers.



“Ru must’ve spent 20 to 30 minutes just going off on me. Not necessarily in a bad way. Obviously, you can see from the episode that I was down, I was frustrated,” Shannel revealed. 

“So, Ru spent 20 to 30 minutes trying to kind of build me up, right? Trying to be like, ‘Don’t worry about it, you’re doing great, blah blah blah.’ He was going on and on and on and on – literally,” she continued, adding that she “f**king wishes” the interaction had been aired

She continued: “I wish they could’ve aired that because it was f**king priceless. I was so done because in my head I was like, ‘Sure, I may not have been amazing in the challenge, but it wasn’t the worst thing ever.'”

“So, in the moment, instead of looking at it like Ru is trying to help me and do me a favour, I was just so frustrated that I was like, ‘Girl, bye. I’m tired. Let’s punch it. I need some chicken fingers.'”

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