Shea Coulee saves the day by throwing iced coffee at racist homophobe

Shea Coulee saves the day by throwing iced coffee at racist homophobe

The drag star Shea Coulee, winner of season five of RuPaul’s Drag Race opened up to fans on Twitter detailing an incident which ended in a full Americano thrown in a mans face. 

"Today a man harassed 3 teenage girls calling them 'whores' outside of Starbucks. I immediately told him that he was inappropriate, and to not speak to young women that way," they began, confirming he then called Shea the F-word and N-word, before Shea "threw [her] full iced Americano in his face".


Coulee then said a witness to the situation stood up and sided with the alleged harasser and called the Drag Race alums reaction “uncalled” for.  

"Then some crusty old white dude told me that my reaction was uncalled for even though he sat there the entire time while this man harassed these other girls and myself," Shea went on to reveal, saying that "as a white person, NEVER tell a black person how to respond to being called" the N-word.

"And second, he’s lucky I didn’t have a second iced americano, cuz he would have been covered in espresso too," Shea continued. "Also, I have NEVER in my life thrown a drink on someone. And can I just say, it felt incredible?"

Fans went wild after hearing the story, prompting some hilarious responses from followers online. 






This isn't the first time a Drag Race alum defends themselves against an agitator. Drag Race UK star The Vivienne revealed earlier this year that she was the victim of a homophobic attack, which resulted in her being assaulted.

Let us know how YOU would have handled this situation in the comments below!

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