Manny MUA set to host new Snap Original series 'Coming Out.'

Snapchat announces original series 'Coming Out' with Manny MUA

Coming off the high of Pride Month, the social media platform Snapchat announces a new original series, “Coming Out.”

 The anticipated show follow six young people as they gather the courage to reveal themselves to friends and family for the very first time.

Along the way the episode stars get a little help from a beloved member of the LGBTQ+ community, Manny MUA. The beauty guru and YouTube star, who counts 4.8 million subscribers and 2.5 million monthly views is there to provide moral support and advice for those coming out.

"We're going to be ourselves," Manny explains to one Coming Out star in the short trailer. "And that's what you want to express to her — 'I'm being me.'"

Additionally, this series is executive produced by actress Chloë Grace Moretz.

A show centered around coming out to loved ones is an incredibly personal topic. And it’s one that Manny seems to take seriously.

“Coming out for me wasn't super easy, so if I can help in any way, shape or form — help other people come out — that would be amazing," Manny, 30, tells PEOPLE about the production of the series. 

Manny MUA to host new Snapchat Original series 'Coming Out'

Not to mention how social media and technology will play a big part in how viewers see themselves possibly coming out. 

"The cool thing about getting to be able to do this with Snapchat [is] their audience is so predominantly young, and they'll be able to see people like themselves coming out and having great experiences with it." 

"I wish 15 years ago that I could have had people that I could see and look up to in my coming out experience," he adds.

Each episode of Coming Out will include a swipe-up at the end to The Trevor Project, where audiences can explore and reach out to quality LGBTQ+ resources.

In addition to his new Snapchat series, Manny also owns his own cosmetics brand, Lunar Beauty, and is the host of an upcoming podcast, Fool Coverage.

 Produced by 44 Blue Productions, Coming Out premieres Sunday on Snapchat Discover, with new episodes launching weekly through Aug. 29.

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