Stacy Layne Matthews announces retirement from drag

Stacy Layne Matthews announces retirement from drag

The great Stacy Layne Matthew’s announced that her last performance on the drag stage would be her final one in a lengthy Instagram post. 

“I let my mind and body get the best of me,” she wrote. “I let fear and anxiety take over my life. I have given myself a reputation that I never had planned. I thought I was stronger than I am. I put on a smile for a long time. I took care of everyone else over the years and lost myself in the process. And in the end, I felt the bitter side of generosity.”




“I’m a nice person who has been broken,” she said. “I don’t know how to change people’s minds about what they think of me. I’m tired.”

She thanked everyone for allowing her to be part of our lives “when there was still joy and passion in my life.”

She concluded the statement by saying she hated disappointing anyone, so “before I do anymore damage it’s time I step away. If one day I decide to return… I hope there will be at least someone there to return to who still has some faith in me as an entertainer and as a human being. Until then. Stacy Layne Matthews out!!!!”

The ex drag queen was first introduced to the world after appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race season three. While many failed to view Matthews as a true contender during her season, she is best known for her Snatch Gamer impersonation as Monique in Precious. Her performance was truly legendary. 

Matthews previously asked her fans for well wishes when she sought treatment for a health condition in 2021. She also hinted at retiring from drag amid struggles with finances and housing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Wishing Stacy healing and success in her new chapter! 

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