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Start your engines: Meet 'Drag Race' Season 13 queens

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Ringing in the "Ru Year"

VH1 completely shocked fans on Wednesday with an announcement that “RuPaul’s Drag Race” will return for Season 13 on Jan. 1, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Of course, the show continues with a brand new lineup of queens competing for the title of "Americas Next Drag Superstar." But, this season is not without a long list of "firsts."

Image: VH1

Despite COVID-19 complicating many show schedules, Season 13 of “Drag Race” shot late last summer while complying with safety protocols.

“Competing safely and fiercely, our 13 queens proved that it takes more than a global pandemic to keep a good queen down,” said host and executive producer RuPaul in a statement.

We are ringing in the "Ru Year" right with our favorite drag show. While we countdown the days till the premiere, let's get to know this season's fierce queens!

All hail the queens

Denali: This year, this Chicago-native is trading in her figure-skates for a pair of 10-in heels. Indeed, perfect for sashaying on the runway. With a fulfilling career as a professional figure skater, much of Denali’s unique drag incorporates ice skating and acrobatic elements.

Elliott with 2 Ts: In true Las Vegas showgirl fashion, Elliott aims to wow the crowd. In addition to a signature 80's aesthetic and professional dancing background, the Sin City queen hopes to make her claim on the world.

GottmikWhile this is Gottmik first time on the show, they are already making history as the first out trans man to compete on ‚ÄúRuPaul‚Äôs Drag Race.‚Äù The season 13 alum also appeared on the cover of Out magazine with fellow trans advocate Gigi Gorgeous in July.

Joey JayAnother dancer, Joey from Phoenix, Arizona hopes to dazzle the judges with his “unmatched rhinestone skill." While Joey doesn't plan to use wigs in his looks, we know he will slay the runway. However, it's hard not to keep your eyes off of this "Jewish Princess."

Kahmora Hall: Similarly, Kahmora is out to make her drag family proud. Not only is her drag sister Season 12 winner Jaida Essence Hall, but her drag mother is Season 11 contestant Soju, Chicago-based queen has her sights set on the crown!

Kandy MuseDon't be fooled by her sweet name, as Kandy already has a crown on her shelf. Certainly, this queen comes to uphold her winning streak after being crowned "Brooklyn Drag Queen of the Year."

LaLa Ri: From sunny Atlanta, LaLa plans to ‚Äúbring her mixture of sexy, classy and sassy to the competition.‚Äù Even more, LaLa will compete against her drag mother, Tamisha Iman‚Äîa first for the show. Without a doubt, season 13 promises drama.

Olivia Lux: Know her name— because this NYC diva is no stranger to the stage. Fingers crossed this queen's piano and theater skills come to play this season. Unquestionably, fans will see her name in lights after this season.

Ros√©: Despite growing up on a small farm in the midwest, this "kooky" queen plans to sing and dance her way to the top. Also, Ros√© is now a part of the girl group Stephanie‚Äôs Child with Season 12 contestant Jan. Let's hope we see those singing abilities throughout the competition.

SymoneSome know her as the "ebony enchantress." while others simply call her, Symone. However, one thing is for sure, one look at the small-town girl and you won't forget her. Although currently based in Los Angeles, Symone is the first “Drag Race” contestant originally from Arkansas.

Tina BurnerIt seems like this season is full of drag royalty! Tina previously won the National Miss Comedy Queen 2019. Obviously, this queen will make for big laughs during the show's challenges. But, fashion is also at the forefront of Tina's mind.

Tamisha Iman: Undeniably, this queen is one of the most experienced of this season's cast. This queen takes pride in her expert sewing skills as she makes all her original outfits from scratch. Additionally, Iman created her own dynasty in drag as a mother figure to her family. However, the drama is sure to follow as Tamisha is competing against her drag daughter Lala Ri.

Photo: VH1

Utica QueenAnd last but certainly not least is Utica Queen who hails from Minneapolis. "Wacky, wavy inflatable arm-tube queen” is how Utica describes her persona. The pop-art aesthetic this contestant brings t the runway will undeniably catch viewer's attention.

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