The Black-Eyed Peas show LGBTQ+ solidarity during NYE concert in Poland

The Black-Eyed Peas show LGBTQ+ solidarity during NYE concert in Poland

The Black-Eyed Peas made headlines after their live performance at the “New Year’s Eve of Dreams” gig in Zakopane. 

When they went onstage to perform their hit “Where Is The Love”, the four members—, J. Rey Soul, Taboo and wore matching rainbow armbands.

Before launching into the song, said, “We dedicate this song to people who have experienced hate this year: Jewish community, we love you, Africans around the world, we love you, LGBTQ community, we love you.”

The display of solidarity comes after Spice Girls member Mel C, announced that she dropped out of the same New Year’s Eve event. 

Mel C said at the time, “In light of some issues that have been brought to my attention, that do not align with the communities I support, I’m afraid I will no longer be able to perform in Poland as planned on New Year’s Eve,” she wrote. “I hope to be back there very soon. Hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for 2023.”


The performance has mostly gotten praise for standing up for the community, it has also sparked backlash among Poland's Law and Justice Party (PiS). The party is known for their very strong anti-LGBT views and policies. 

One such member of PiS, Marcin Warchol, expressed his indignation at the BEP's accessories, writing ... "LGBT promotion in TVP2 . DISGRACE! It’s not a New Year’s Eve of Dreams but a New Year’s Eve of Deviance." responded to Warchol writing ... "#WHEREStheLOVE??? Unity, tolerance, understanding, oneness, respect, diversity & inclusion…THATS LOVE…people are people & we should all practice to honor & love all the different types of people on earth & learn from them…I LOVE YOU your country…"



The group’s lead member also posted a video on his Instagram stories, further defending wearing the armbands and performing in Poland. 

“We are the Black Eyed Peas… not the Black Eyed PiS. We stand for unity, love, tolerance, oneness.”

“Sometimes you’ve got to go where people don’t have the same views to inspire them on difference, to inspire them on what tolerance looks like. And so it’s been great being here.”

Watch the Black-Eyed Pea's full performance here

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