The Vivienne shared she suffered in a homophobic attack

The Vivienne shared she suffered in a homophobic attack

The RuPaul’s Drag Race star tweeted about being punched in a McDonalds restaurant in Liverpool, England. 

“Just been attacked in McDonald’s, Police on way,” she wrote. “ Homophobia alive and well folks! First time I’ve never retaliated in a fight because I’m not gonna punch somebody in front of kids and women.”



The drag artist, known as James Lee Williams outside of drag, thanked people online for their support and said the police were wonderful to her.

The Vivienne wrote, “Two lovely ladies just came and complimented my hair and said I look lovely, what a stark contrast of people we have on this planet! All in a day huh? A punch and a compliment.”

The drag queen is best known for winning the very first season of Drag Race UK. Since then, she has but has competed on Drag Race All Stars 7 and finished in third place in the most recent season of Dancing on Ice where she was the first contestant to ever skate in drag.




In a following Instagram Story, Vivienne shared footage of herself in the aftermath of the altercation.

"After a homophobic attack at noon, punch to the jaw, man arrested…. Stepped in my Uber to PADAM!" Vivienne wrote alongside a video of her enjoying the singer's new song in the backseat of a car. "I'm ok and the police have been amazing."

Later on, the popular drag artist explained that her attacker had been arrested and shared a message on the importance of calling out hate crimes. 

“It’s so important that as a community we report and take action on hate crimes. Otherwise, it continues to happen. Time to set an example!”

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