These iconic French queens are carrying the torch ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics

These iconic French queens are carrying the torch ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics

Parisian queens Nicky Doll, Miss Martini, and Minima Gesté were all chosen to carry the Olympic flame ahead of the French Summer Games in July.

This past Saturday, French drag queen Miss Martini became the first drag queen to ever carry the Olympic flame, according to an Instagram post she made.

The next day, Nicky Doll, who hosts Drag Race France carried the flame the following day.

In her own Instagram post, Doll wrote that it was an “absolute honor to have carried the Olympic torch.” Additionally, she also used the opportunity to publish an Instagram post to call for a ceasefire in Palestine. 



“Even though I usually prefer to act on things rather than hope for them: I would like to use this opportunity to hope for the immediate ceasefire in Rafah and for dignity to be brought back to Palestine and its people who tremendously suffered throughout these awful times and beyond,” Doll wrote.

Gesté will get the chance to carry the ceremonial torch on July 14 in Paris. However, there is already homophobic and transphobic opposition growing against the talented queen.

Despite this, Paris' Socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo said in a statement: "I reaffirm my full support for her.

"I'll say it again: I am proud and, yes, Paris is proud that a drag queen will carry the torch and the values of peace and humanity," she added.



Be sure to tune in when the torch relay ahead of the start of the Games on July 26. And don't miss out on the all-new season of Drag Race France. 

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