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This Canada's Drag Race queen is collaborating with Nelly Furtado

In an interview with the Gay Times, the “I’m Like a Bird” singer Furtado announced a collaboration with a popular Canadian Drag Race Star on her upcoming album.  

“Yes, there’s a Tynomi feature. She’s on my album. You’re going to have to wait to hear it. She’s very talented.

“You’ve only just seen the beginning of Tynomi Banks. She’s just getting started.”

Fans will remember Tynomi from the first season of Canada’s Drag Race. The queen, who ultimately finished ninth in the competition reacted to the news on her Instagram page over the weekend, writing: “This just blew my mind. Thank you so much for our friendship. Your ambition, your passion has inspired me so much over the years.”

“I cannot begin to describe how giving and genuine you are. It is an honour to work with you and to be in your creative presence. I have so much love. Thank you again.”





Earlier this year, Furtado was a guest judge for the final episode of Canada’s Drag Race season four. 

While speaking about her stint on the hit drag reality competition show, Furtado said the experience was “So much fun, oh my god. I haven’t seen Brooke Lynn [Hytes] in a while. We went Osheaga together this summer. She had never been to a festival, so she went Osheaga with me just to hang out, it was really fun.”

We are patiently waiting to see what these two queens come up with in the studio!

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