This queen just took home the season 2 win for UK vs The World

This queen just took home the season 2 win for UK vs The World

She’s a winner baby! For weeks, a total of eleven queens graced the stage to compete in the second season of Drag Race UK vs the World. 

At last, the remaining four queens were tasked with sashaying down the runway in their finest drag before competing in lip-sync smackdowns for their final challenge. 

Hannah Conda, La Grande Dame, Marina Summers, and Tia Kofi all made it to the final round

Ultimately, Tia Kofi was crowned “Queen of the Mother-Tucking World” and was aptly named the winner of season 2. Additionally, Kofi took home a cash prize of £50k. 

Meanwhile, beloved Arantxa, as the newly anointed Miss Congeniality. 

“It means the world to me to win, it’s perfect culmination of years of dedicating myself to drag and working hard at myself inside and outside. Being the first winner of colour in the UK is game-changing,” said Tia Kofi on her win.

“To give people who look like me that representation, it’s really special, and something that I take extremely seriously. I want to be that beacon that shows we can all, no matter where we come or what we look like, achieve our dreams.”




Earlier in the episode, the first spin of the wheel saw Marina choose to lip-sync against Hannah. The battle to 'I'm Outta Love' by Anastacia, saw RuPaul declared Hannah the winner of the battle.

La Grande Dame and Tia were next to face off and lip-synced to 'Boogie 2nite' by Booty Luv, with Tia coming out on top. 

The final lip sync of the season saw Hannah and Tia perform to dance classic 'Your Disco Needs You' by Kylie Minogue, before RuPaul declared Kofi the season winner. 

The South London queen debuted on season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK in 2021 where she placed 7th place overall. 

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