Tyra Sanchez announces comeback along with tour dates

Tyra Sanchez announces comeback along with tour dates

In a letter penned to social media last Thursday, James Ross, the artist behind the Tyra persona, revealed his decision to comeback as the infamous Tyra Sanchez. The comeback comes after Ross previously announced Tyra Sanchez's retirement in March 2020. 

Fans will remember the entertainer after winning season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Pinned against Tyra were fan faves Jujubee and Raven. Throughout the duration of the season it was revealed on that Ross had a son, making him the first cast member to enter the competition with a biological child. 

After winning, the performer experienced a turbulent period in which she repeatedly engage in online feuds with fellow Drag Race alum. However in 2018, the artist was banned from DragCon that year for making allegedly threatening posts ahead of the event. Ross later apologized for his behavior in 2019.




Now, Ross is leaving the past behind behind amid the re-brand. It was also announced the artist will hit the road with a North American tour fittingly titled Club Tyra. Ross announced the tour with an Instagram post that reads:

"To the fans of Tyra Sanchez, Omg! This journey over the last few weeks has been truly fantastic! I am grateful for everyone who purchased access to Club Tyra and I am so excited to meet all of you! Club Tyra is an ultimate night of glamour dedicated to reintroducing you (the fans) to drag superstar Tyra Sanchez. although I believe King Tyra is fabulous in every way imaginable, I know she is truly misunderstood, so I'm putting Tyra up close, face to face with you (our party guests) to allow you to know Tyra a little better."



“I am so happy that I get to entertain each of you and I am thrilled to show you the new looks I have been creating for Tyra. For King Tyra is the baddest in the land, it’s time we remember why this king wears a crown. From a big heart with big love, James Ross.”

For more information on the Club Tyra tour, checkout tyrasanchez.com.

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