Viral video shows drag queen's aerial stunt gone wrong

Viral video shows drag queen's aerial stunt gone wrong

Harrowing footage of two drag queens in the Philippines performing onstage went viral on social media this week. 

Last Saturday, Nique Manza and Izzy Xtra took part in a show together in the city of Pasig. During their routine, the two were hoisted above a stage by a cable to the pop song “Fly” by Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. 

All seemed to be going well as the two swung over the audience to the music, channeling their inner P!NK. Suddenly, the cable holding the two performers snapped to the audience's shock. As a result, the two performers immediately fell from the ceiling and onto the stage floor.

The video of this incident, shared by the user @faymeproblems on Instagram, rapidly gained viral status as viewers worldwide reacted to the dramatic fall.

One commenter claims: “Drag queens are braver than the marines.”

Another said they were just “glad these queens were safe after falling.”

Thankfully, both performers were okay and only sustained minor injuries according to Manza who posted an update after the ordeal.  



“HELLO LOVES, IZZY AND I ARE FINE. Minor injury only. But overall we are ok. Thank you for your concern. Mwwwaaaaahhhhh”

However, X (formerly Twitter) user  @realmsofmirage made a great point about the very real dangers of these risky performances.

“We really need to stop doing the most when we DON’T have the team NOR the venues assuring us be safe,” they wrote. “There’s a real problem about the pressure in drag to always [go] bigger and bigger but budgets don’t follow and then this happens.”



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