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We're Here just dropped season 2 in time for LGBTQ History Month


HBO’s Emmy-nominated series We’re Here just dropped its season 2 premiere, just in time for National Coming Out Day and LGBTQ History Month!

The unscripted reality series follows RuPaul’s Drag Race’s popular drag queens Bob The Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara, and Shangela as they visit small-town America to share the art of drag. 

During their visit, the queens recruit local residents to participate in a drag show and inspire them to be their genuine selves in front of their family, friends, and their community.

In the season-two premiere, the trio visits Spartanburg, South Carolina, and catch up with Noah, who grapples with gender expression. Lesbian plus-size model Faith finds . Later, we meet Olin, who wants to bring his family together once again.

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This season will take audiences to small towns like Temecula, California and Del Rio, Texas.

However, the one town that truly stood out was Selma, Alabama. The episode features a transgender woman named Akeelah, gay man Joseph, and Deborah, whose lesbian granddaughter was tragically murdered because of her sexuality.

"Especially as Black people [and] as LGBTQIA+ people, we're still fighting for equality, we're fighting discrimination, we're fighting for acceptance and equal treatment for all people," Shangela told EW

There, the trio visited the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge, where nearly 60 years ago civil rights activists marched through the same spot in Selma, Ala., calling for protection of the Black Americans' right to vote. 

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"Standing on that bridge as a Black gay person raised in the South, as someone who'd come to that town to help amplify the voices and find a community of support for the gays there, but also as a person that understood the significance of the moment, it was very powerful," Shangela continued.

The trailer alone promises laughs, tears and activism. Check out the preview below:



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