We're saying 'Ciao' to the season 3 queens of Drag Race Italia

We're saying 'Ciao' to the season 3 queens of Drag Race Italia

World of Wonder has finally announced who is competing in Drag Race Italia season three— and spoil alert: they are all proving to have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to win the competition. 

In a shakeup to the judging panel, Paola Iezzi, Paolo Camilli, Chiara Francini, and Drag Queen Priscilla will be overseeing the hopeful queens. 

The series will stream on WOWPresents Plus globally on October 13. Until then, get to know the fabulous making their way to the Werkroom this season with official bios provided courtesy of World of Wonder. 

Adriana Picasso

“Adriana Picasso emerged as an artist in Cuba in 2013 and describes herself as one of the best drag queens out there, and a fearless individual who loves challenges.”

Amy Krania



"Amy is born from the desire to return to the stage, to unite my passions and my background. I was always the prince, but now the Queen wants to go to the ball! I want to give the audience my impersonations, my long legs, my voice, my vulnerability, my humility, and elegance, but above all, my desire to grow and learn”

Leila Yarn



"For me, drag encapsulates everything that makes me feel alive today. It's pure art. Being able to convey messages through an alter ego is something magical and powerful at the same time.”

Lightning Aurora



Both names are related to phenomena of light, lightning and the northern lights, and the name Lightning also symbolizes light and energy. I consider myself a drag queen with a big heart that is very loyal to others."

Lina Galore



"Why do I do drag? Because it makes me happy. And I consider it an act of extreme political courage (especially in a country like ours and at this specific moment in history) as well as a representation tool, a fundamental element for survival in a heteronormative society. If even just one young person, seeing me strut or perform, finds the courage to be themselves, then that wig is worth every last euro spent (and I spend a lot on wigs).”


Melissa Bianchini


“At Drag Race Italia, I will represent the trans community. I'm participating for various reasons. First and foremost, because it's my lifelong dream to showcase what I can do artistically, and also because I'm certain that I can send a powerful message to the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond. Even today, the transgender world faces discrimination, but I hope in my own small way to leave a mark and become a champion of this great battle."


Morgana Cosmica



Doing drag makes me happy and makes me feel free from conventions, judgments, and prejudices. When I'm Morgana, I am stronger and more unapologetic. I am respectful and kind, but being a good Neapolitan, I always have a thousand tricks up my sleeve to surprise the audience."

La Prada



 "I like to think of myself now as the realized version of the child in me who dreamed of being a princess-ballerina astronaut-scientist in space."

La Sheeva



"My drag name is a wordplay that perfectly reflects the personality of my drag. I used to be a dancer, but that dimension wasn't enough for me; I wanted more, and within drag, I found my entire universe and my life. My idol is me because despite everything I've experienced, moments of happiness and great discouragement, I'm still here and not giving up! I'm a resilient bitch, baby!"

Silviana Della Magliana



My name is a tribute to the great Italian actress Silvana Pampanini (for a famous live TV quote that I've always loved) and 'della Magliana' because it rhymes with the name, but above all because 'La banda della Magliana' was one of the Italian movies that I appreciated the most. My strengths in my shows are definitely entertainment, speaking, putting myself in front of the audience, and acting in various comedy shows.”

Sissy Lea



"My weaknesses? I can be stubborn at times, and this can work against me. I always strive to be unique in my genre to stand out from the crowd because I have charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, as MamaRu says."




They declare their boundless love for Naples and the Neapolitans who appreciate Sypario. In everything, making them a symbol of a freedom often denied. In life, they are a specialized support teacher and have participated as an extra and actor in two Italian films.”




She considers herself a drag queen with intelligent humor, which often prevents her from taking herself too seriously because "life is already too heavy as it is." 

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