Why Drag Race Down Under postpones last weeks lipsync battle

Why Drag Race Down Under postpones last weeks lipsync battle

Drag Race Down Under surprised viewers with a first for the beloved franchise. For the first time in it’s history, Mama Ru has ended an episode early and postponed a lip sync battle.

During the second episode of the newest season, Isis Avis Loren came out on top after the queens were tasked with creating wedding couture out of bedding material as a nod to the Australian fave Muriel’s Wedding.

 This left queens Rita Menu and Ivory Glaze as the bottom two and were preparing to engage in a lip sync battle.

It was then that Ivory Glaze began to lose her balance on stage and gripped onto Rita Mean, Bumpa Love, and a crew member.

“Sorry, sorry, I just feel really dizzy,” Ivory said before fainting.

Ivory described seeing “black spots” before falling. She initially thought it was just nerves saying, “I’ve never f**ing fainted before.”

“I have no idea what’s gonna happen,” wondered  a confused Rita. “Are we going to be lip-syncing today? Is she going to be sent home? Do I have to do the song by myself?”

However, Mama Ru decided to go ahead and postpone the match to remain fair to each of the queens after Ivory returned to the stage

“For the safety of our queens and to assure a fair competition, I’m going to end the show now,” RuPaul said. “Rita, Ivory, we will begin next week’s episode with a lip-sync for your life.”

Following the episode, Ivory revealed on Twitter that she hasn’t seen the episode: “But I just wanna say girls… don’t lie on your psych eval LOL.”

She later wrote: “In my defence I was out like a light on the floor!!”



Anxious viewers will see Rita and Ivory battle it out in the upcoming episode three will see the contestants star in The Fake Housewives of Down Under, with special guest star Adam Lambert.

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