Why Drag Race UK's Victoria Stone will not return to season 4

Why Drag Race UK's Victoria Stone will not return to season 4

When Drag Race Uk announced their season 4 cast, many fans expected to see season 3 queen Victoria Scone in the lineup. The history making queen is now addressing her absence in the upcoming season.

Viewers remember Victoria as the first cisgender woman to take part in any RuPaul's Drag Race iteration. But following the Cardiff queen’s knee injury in the season three premiere, which occurred during her lip-sync against eventual winner Krystal Versace, Victoria was forced to step away from the rest of the competition.


In past instances, we’ve seen injured queens make a comeback. Season 2's Veronica Green came back after she had to leave the show when she got COVID, while in the US, Eureka O'Hara returned the next season when she injured her knee.

Scone is remaining largely silent on why she isn't making a comeback, telling Pink News, "Obviously I’m not there," Victoria said. "I haven’t jumped out of a box yet and unfortunately I’m not going to."

"It’s fabulous, it’s good to have Drag Race back on our TVs again in the UK," she added. "It’s a great cast, we have our first trans woman [Dakota Schiffer] cast member which is amazing. And we have some drag icons like Cheddar Gorgeous and Danny Beard."

Despite this seasons incredible group of contestants, fans of Scone couldn't help but voice their regret that they wouldn’t see the beloved drag performer on screen again. 


I just realized they didn't bring Victoria Scone back for Drag Race Uk S4


 Wait a minute. What the hell happened to Victoria Scone??? #DragRaceUK



While we may not see Victoria back in the werkroom anytime soon, fans can catch her and fellow Drag Race alum Cheryl Hole, Willam and River Medway on the Death Drop: Back in the Habit tour.

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