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Why everyone thinks Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are dropping 'Telephone' sequel soon

As the release of Beyoncé's highly anticipated country album, Cowboy Carter, approaches on March 29, everyone is convinced Lady Gaga will feature on the record with a very nostalgic song for the fans. 

However, in a March 19 Instagram post, Queen Bey hinted that it will feature some big artists in the industry.

“I have a few surprises on the album, and have collaborated with some brilliant artists who I deeply respect,” she wrote.





In 2010, Beyoncé was featured on a Lady Gaga track, “Telephone.” The fun music video quickly became a favorite among the fans, as the talented duo breaks Gaga out of jail and drives off into the desert together. The end credits displayed a cryptic “To be continued” message yet 14 years later, fans have been left hanging. 

Despite the intense popularity of the song, no sequel was ever made. However, now internet sleuths have some solid evidence that we could be getting our promised sequel very soon!

To start, Beyoncé released the album’s two lead singles — “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages”, on February 11, which is the same day that Gaga’s character is booked into jail in the “Telephone” music video. 

Meanwhile, the opening of the teaser that Beyoncé shared announcing the album is also very similar to the ending of the “Telephone” video, with both showing Bey speeding through a desert.

On March 25, Lady Gaga posted a photo to her Instagram stories where the "Telephone" sneakily included some of the cover art. Later that same day,  Beyoncé's hair stylist Vance Gamble posted an image of Lady Gaga from the "Telephone" video to his Instagram stories.



What do you think? Tell us how excited you are to potentially see these two queens collaborate again!

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