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Why this queen is calling out Sherry Pie's attempted comeback to the industry

Fans of RuPaul’s Drag may have seen that disgraced queen Sherry Pie is trying to make a comeback in the entertainment industry and some queens are not having it. 

Back in January of this year, an in-drag Sherry Pie was rumored to attend and/or perform at a wedding ceremony in New York. Additionally, Pie has also started advertising a profile on Cameo for people to request personalized videos.

In a post on X/Twitter, Jan responded to Sherry Pie’s return saying, “I never need to see Sherry on my timeline ever again,” the 30-year-old drag star wrote. 

Jan later posted a follow up tweet doubling down on her stance on the issue. 

 “I don’t trust that she wouldn’t do the same thing to people again. Im not saying she can’t do drag and express herself… But a platform? Nah,” she wrote.

“I guarantee whatever you’re looking for in a cameo from her, you can absolutely find from another queen.”



The following day, Sherry Pie clapped back with her own response to Jan in her Instagram stories. 

“I don’t need to argue with BACKPACKS,” Sherry said referring to Jan’s full name, Jan Sport – which ilso the name of the popular backpack brand, JanSport.

Despite making it to the top four during her season 12 run, Sherry Pie became the first Drag Race contestant to be disqualified from the show while the season was airing, and was banned from attending the reunion and finale. 

Allegations that Sherry posed as a casting director and encouraged individuals to send photos and videos of themselves, sometimes explicit, to her came out while she was competing on the show. 

After the accusations made headlines, Sherry made an official statement online, posting: “I truly apologise to everyone I have hurt with my actions. I also want to say how sorry I am to my sisters of season 12 and honestly the whole network and production company.

“All I can do is change the behaviour and that starts with me and doing that work.”

Talk show host Tamron Hall defended her interview with the former “Drag Race” contestant, telling her viewers that the segment should not be taken as they were supporting the disgraced drag queen.

“I’ve been a reporter for 30 years, and I’ve conducted and watched interviews with people who have done bad things. I’ve interviewed rapists, I’ve interviewed murderers … it’s not giving away your platform; it’s called an interview. And people who do bad things are interviewed,” Hall said. 

What are your thoughts on the Jan vs Sherry Pie feud? Sound off in the comments below!

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