Willam's reaction to Michelle Visage hosting Down Under is leaving fans gagged

Willam's reaction to Michelle Visage hosting Down Under is leaving fans gagged

On the most recent episode of Alaska's podcast Race Chaser fellow queen Willam appeared on the show with some strong opinions regarding news of Michelle Visage being named host of the Austrialian iteration of RuPaul's Drag Race. 

Alaska opens up the conversation by explaining to listeners that Michelle Visage is taking over hosting Drag Race Down Under. 

William immediately had a comment for the news, questioning why the show didn't choose a drag queen for the position.

 “I don’t understand why a drag ally is the host of a drag show,” she said. “I don’t get it. This is like someone who enjoys painting hosting an art competition but they’re not a painter.”

Alaska attempted to defend Visage, saying “She has earned her due. She has been on that panel by RuPaul’s side for over a decade-“

“That doesn’t make her a drag queen!” William interjected. “Why would you have someone who is not a drag queen hosting a drag show?”



She continued, “I don’t understand why there are hundreds of drag queens in the world, some of them very famous like Courtney Act or Vanity, or Kween Kong, and they’re not hosting Drag Race [Down Under]...

“And now they have Michelle hosting, who’s not a drag queen. It’s like someone who is coeliac hosting a baking competition.”

“I don’t know that that’s an apt comparison,” Alaska interrupted. 

Willam concluded: “It’s a limiting factor. They don’t do drag, Michelle does not do drag… I don’t think people want to see Michelle Visage host a drag show…”

“Why isn’t Courtney there? … It’s a gross oversight, it’s a blight on your history that you do not have Courtney Act hosting.”

After news of Visage’s new gig went public, the Drag Race veteran told fans she was excited about the new role. 



“The color, humor, and outrageousness of Down Under drag holds a special place in my heart. I’m ready to do everything in my power to encourage these beautiful queens to believe in themselves and let their inner light shine through.”

Be sure to catch Drag Race Down Under Season 4 premieres later this year on the WOW Presents Plus.

What are your thoughts on Michelle Visage hosting Down Under? Should a fellow drag queen have hosted instead? Sound off in the comments down below:

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