Drag Race France just announced their season one cast

Drag Race France just announced their season one cast

Say "bonjour!" to the brand-new series spin-off, Drag Race France. That’s right, the first season of the French iteration just announced their cast

Hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 star Nicky Doll, the show will also comprise of actress/ host Daphné Bürki and DJ Kiddy Smile (DJ and activist) as main judges.

Drag Race France is the second international season of Drag Race to be hosted by a former contestant from the main U.S. series. The first queen to do this was Brooke Lynn Hytes who transition from the werkroom to the judging table of Canada’s Drag Race.



Get to know the ten French queens set to grace the runway and vie for a chance at the crown and title of “France’s Next Drag Superstar!”





Official Bio: “After only two and a half years of drag experience, Elips placed 3rd in the first season of ‘Drag Contest’ (an Instagram makeup contest) and won the Drag Games in 2021. Self-taught and very creative, Elips makes her own costumes and gives powerful, poetic performances. Since 2019, she has performed in Bordeaux, Paris, Toulouse and Lyon; as well as on the stage of Bordeaux Pride in September 2021.”

Kam Hugh




Official Bio: “Kam Hugh grew up in Ardèche before discovering drag through RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Parisian drag scene. For the past 4 years, Kam Hugh has worked as a professional makeup artist and drag queen. Kam Hugh shows her incredible makeup and fashion skills on YouTube, Instagram and performs on-stage regularly in Paris. She has also performed in the U.S., Belgium and Austria for the most recent Life Ball. As the face of major cosmetic brands, she is the first French drag queen to have had her portrait in ELLE France.”

La Big Bertha




Official Bio: “Born in Castres, La Big Bertha discovered cabaret and the drag scene early in childhood. After 10 years of experience, La Big Bertha is the ultimate French queen of burlesque. She has her own show ‘La Bertha’s Fantasia’ at le Nouveau Casino theater in Paris. La Big Bertha travels and performs in prestigious cabarets, theaters and operas all around France and worldwide.”

La Briochée




Official Bio: “Born in Royan, La Briochée discovered drag thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race. In May 2019, she started her career under the drag name MyëVe Märchen and entered two competitions: the Drag Me Upp and Drag Academy. As a trans woman, La Briochée fights for drag to be accessible to everyone, no matter identity, gender, body type or origins. A creative actress and singer, La Briochée is a versatile drag queen. In June 2021, she joined the company of the iconic Parisian cabaret Madame Arthur and started a career as a voice actress.”

La Grande Dame



Official Bio: “La Grande Dame discovered drag in Nice where she grew up, and started performing drag five years ago. La Grande Dame started in Nice’s nightclubs (Le Swing and Le Glam) and in Paris where she became a key figure of the drag scene. She’s the most followed French drag queen on Instagram and performs outside of France in Bruxelles, Venise, Monaco and London. La Grande Dame has already walked many fashion runways, including for Jean-Paul Gaultier’s last Haute Couture collection.”

La Kahena



Official Bio: “Originally from Tunisia, La Kahena started her career in 2016 and chose to wear the name of the famous Berber queen and warrior of the 7th century. Currently La Kahena performs all over France and is known for her sharp aesthetic, comedy skills and stage performances where she handles fire. She performed at the Superball in Amsterdam, Dragathon All Star and the 1st season of Clash of Tatas, for which she is now the Parisian host. Proud to represent French multiculturalism, La Kahena is also the first drag queen to have performed at l’Institut du Monde Arabe (Arab World Institute in Paris).”

Lolita Banana




Official Bio: “Mexican Lolita Banana discovered drag in 2018 while working as a dancer at a campsite in Biscarrosse. Torn between her professional salsa career and competing in drag, Lolita Banana’s persona helped her find the right balance between both. Since then, she has participated at Drag Me Up and performed in le Café de Paris, the B Boat and the Rainbowland Party in Nice. Lolita Banana is known for being the iconic host of The Brunch and Queen, the most famous drag brunch in Paris; as THE showgirl of the Parisian scene.”

Lova Ladiva




Official Bio:“From Toulouse, Lova Ladiva discovered drag in 2009 through shows like “Matinée Groop” and Ibiza’s “Supermartxe.” She currently performs all over France, Spain and New York where she represented France at World Pride - commemorating the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. With her cheerful disposition and one-of-a-kind personality, Lova Ladiva carries herself with humor and extravagance.”





Official Bio: “From Clermont-Ferrand, Paloma was never afraid to personify female characters even at a young age. Gathering all her talents (acting, writing, directing and sewing), Paloma started doing drag in 2018. She performs in solo acts and with the “King Chefs and Drag Queens” company in numerous Parisian clubs and cabarets. Paloma also made an eponymous short movie, coming out this year, and received an award at the Music and Cinema Festival of Marseille.”

Soa de Muse




Official Bio: “Soa de Muse discovered drag on YouTube by finding clips of the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Originally from Martinique and living in Saint-Denis, Soa de Muse gets inspiration from their culture. Soa is a well-rounded and captivating artist, talented in singing, dancing, comedy and cabaret. Soa de Muse has been performing for almost 10 years around France and on iconic Parisian stages like Madame Arthur, L’Olympia, le Carreau du Temple or l’Ahlambra. They opened their own cabaret “La Bouche” with 3 other artists, Porte de Clignancourt, in Paris.”

Get to know even more about these fierce queens when Drag Race France premieres on June 25 via WOW Presents Plus.

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