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Jasmine Kennedie "couldn't be happier" after coming out trans

The army of trans queens continues to grow strong! ‘Drag Race’ star Jasmine Kennedie has come out as transgender. 

The 22-year-old drag artist shared the news on Instagram on Friday in a long and open post, revealing that she has recently begun transitioning. 

"I couldn't be more happier," Kennedie's caption read.

"Growing up I always felt different. I never really fit the mold of what society has panned out for me to be," she continued. "For the last 7 years of my life, I put all of my focus on my career. Never did I take a chance to step back and ask myself, what does Kyle want to be or what does Kyle want to do.

“It was always what does Jasmine need to succeed. I [thought] drag was enough for me, I could take off the makeup anytime and no one would know me out of drag. But at a certain point in my drag career, I was realizing that I was doing drag to fill the void in my own life. I was using it to get closer to who I really am," Kennedie added.


While sharing her journey to finding her gender identity, Kennedie explained how her life changed when seeing Chicago pageant queen, Mimi Marks.

"I was mesmerized by how confident and beautiful she was! When I saw her I felt this rush of emotion through my body I couldn't describe. It was the feeling of me wanting that for myself. To be a beautiful and confident trans woman," she added. "Ever since that day I realized that's what I wanted that for my life. I am now at a place in my life where I feel confident enough to finally start living my truth and stop worry about what others think." 

Kennedie also credited others for helping her along her journey. This included her boyfriend and fellow season 14 trans queen Kerri Colby. 

"If it wasn't for you, I probably would have never came out. Thank u to my wonderful boyfriend for accepting me and loving me regardless of my gender.”

“I am proud to say I am Kyle, and I am a trans woman,” Kennedie ended her emotional post 

The bubbly queen is the fourth queen this season to openly come out as transgender.

In fact, the news comes days after fellow season 14 contestant Bosco spoke her truth and revealed she is also currently in the process of transitioning.  

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